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kitchen sink 15

Cover and end-page illustrations by Andrew Schoultz

Letter from the Editor

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About Neighbor Lady Community Arts Project

KS Thanks


Hey Bartender!: Rebel Yell by Lee Skirboll

Serious Listening: How I Created an Army of Music Writers by Kaya Oakes

Album Length: Monno, Error by Geraldine Kim

Wordish by KS Staff

The King Dork Code: Frank Portman Goes Back to High School by Juliet Linderman

Virgin Ears: Janis Joplin, Pearl by Quinn Scheibal

Return of the Raven: Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” by Malia Jackson

Virgin Ears: On Reverb by Jeff T. Johnson


I Was a Teenage Mouse Jockey: My Life Among the Lucasites by Lisa Drostova

Bottom Shelf: Pompoko by Jeremy Russell

I Feel Your Pain: Just Tell Me When lt’s Over by Sam Hurwitt

Celluloid Jukebox: Prince, Auteur by Kaya Oakes

Reality Bites: Lowering the Bar to the Basement by Yank Wildebeest

lnstant Replay: Joe Versus the Volcano by Thor Klippert

In Case of Rapture: Jesus and Mr. T Tell You Where to Go by Catherine McEver

Celluloid Jukebox: I Like the Christian Life by Jen Burke Anderson


The Diviners: Software Abuse, Guitar Chatter and the Poetics of Fake Forecasting by Kurt Newman and Michelle Detorie

Culture Mulcher: Colson Whitehead ls Taking Names by Michael Larkin

The Breaks: Quality of Pause at the End of the Line by Jeff T. Johnson

and we were there a poem by Jeff T. Johnson

Owens Valley a poem by Cody Gates

Paint a Vulgar Picture a poem by Jonathan Loucks

Toys for a Desert a poem by Stephen Smith

The Developmentally Disabled Blonde Girl From Oklahoma City Who Spoke Perfect Korean fiction by Ben Bush


Mouse Trap by Julia Wertz


So Fresh and So Green: Free Soil and the lrresistible Lure of Sustainable Design by Tara Goe

Seeing Things: The Rope Guy ls Really the Cake Guy by Jen Loy

Mayumi Hamanaka’s Fickle Topography by Monique Montibon

Seeing Things: Paperrad Messes up My Closet by Hannah Reiff

Meat Donuts and Ceramic Gold Teeth: The Yo-Yo Reporter Takes the Oakland Art Challenge by Elka Weber

Are Five Artists Better Than One?: ln Pursuit of Collective Genius by Meredith Tromble

Portfolio: The Repair Work of Claudia Tennyson by Tara Goe

Recipe: Easy Alterations and Advice for Fat Girls Who Thrift Shop by Nicole J.Georges


Two-Wheelin’ in Tinseltown: On Cars, Class, the Planet, the System and Riding a Bike in L.A. by Jessica Hoffmann

Birth Control for Both of Us by Aneesa Davenport

Earth Balancing: Affording a Green Budget by Elka Karl

Under the Covers: Jonathan Franzen Will Never Write a Novel in This Town Again by Carla Costa

The Life Deliberate: We’ll Drink Coffee During the Revolution by Anna Clark


Ice-Cream-Filled Martini Olives by Karen Hildebrand

Ambulatory Poesy: Packing My Library by Michael Lukas

Tall Guys, Short Women: Searching for the Opposite by Kaya Oakes

Tip, You Bastards by Amy Reed

Sex Fact: Sex for Teens by Jen Loy

Recipe: Pascal’s Chocolate Rum Cake by Aneesa Davenport

Blasphemous Rumors: Tips for Kindergoth Christian Teens by Jen Burke Anderson

Signs: Hardest Moon by Camille Anderson

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