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kitchen sink 13

Cover illustration by Laurenn McCubbin

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ACRID: The Evolution of Adult Contemporary Rock, Independently Developed by Scott M. Silsbe

Album Length: A Few Questions Involving The Best of Men’s Recovery Project by Jeff T. Johnson

Now Playing: Nothing Listening Without Music by Kaya Oakes

Virgin Ears: I’m Sorry, I Only Speak Helium by Carla Costa

Music Scene: Destroy All Pirates by Lee Skirboll

Play Aggression: My Own David Berman by Jonathan Loucks

Then lt Hit Me: Sigor Ros, Takk… by Michael Larkin

Reverse Spin: Can Backwards by Jeff T. Johnson


What Dreams Don’t Come The Dream Life of Film Imagery by Lee Skirboll

Celluloid Jukebox: Video Game Cinema by Jeremy Russell

She’s All That (l Need): Indie Auteurs, Depressed Middle-Aged Murrays and the Girl by Jessica Hoffmann

Instant Replay: Orlando by Kaya Oakes

The Devil Goes Down to Loompaland: Danny Elfman From Forbidden Zone to Chocolate Factory by Lisa Drostova

Celluloid Jukebox: Buffy Vs. Veronica by Jeff T. Johnson

The Mysterious Chinese Geisha: The New Yellowface by Sam Hurwitt


Thick as Thieves: A Conversation With Kate Braverman by Erin Jourdan

Friends of Ferdinand: Adventures in Solecism by Sophie Moore

Oprah Opts out of Self-Congratulation: Her Summer of Faulkner by Michael Andrews

Malcontent fiction by Don Waters

It Could Happen lf You Came Here fiction by Rob McLaughlin

Second Annual Kitchen Sink Fiction Contest First Place Winner: You Was a Common Bum by Joel Janisse


Hank, Jon and Henry: It’s the Outsider Lifestyle, Y’all by Stefanie Kalem

When Nature Goes Pop: Back to the Land With Brendan Monroe by Tara Goe

An Artist’s Model Retires by Amina Henry

Book Recipe: Album Cover by Lauren Lamotte

Art Throb: Faye Ryu’s Hello by Jen Loy

Portfolio: Laura Splan by Tara Goe


Ad Space: Corporate Branding Gets Literal by Lee Skirboll

In Carlsbad, New Mexico: ls There Such a Thing as lnnocent Racism? by Amina Henry

Travels With Jirka: Or, Jews and Beer by Tara Goe

Breathe In, Breathe Out: Or, How to Love the Earth and Not Kill Yourself by Elka Karl

Under the Covers: On Race and On Beauty by Carla Costa


Treatise on the Penis A Cutting Manifesto by the Lovely La Luba

Eating Burritos in Berlin: Comfort Food in the Land of Currywurst by Scott Lamb

Foods We Miss: Coca-Cola by David Jasper

The Elevated Diet by Deborah Crooks

Recipe: Dosa and Coconut Curry by Deborah Crooks

Holy Small: Blasphemy in the New Dark Age by David Asperja

Out Here; Or, What I Did on My Summer Evacuation by Michael Patrick Welch

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