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Signs: Hardest Moon

The math: When the moon moves into the sign opposite the sun, “full moons” occur.

For example, during Scorpio’s season in the sun (Oct. 21-Nov. 20ish), the moon hits the full mark during the nights when it travels through Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite. Likewise, when the sun is in Taurus (April 21-May 20ish), the moon becomes full as it moves through Scorpio. Get an astrological calendar and see for yourself. The other five pairings are Sagittarius-Gemini; Capricorn-Cancer; Aquarius-Leo; Pisces-Virgo; and Aries-Libra. (The new moon occurs when the sun and moon are in the same sign).

The metaphysics: When the moon is waxing, we start up new projects, think big, and get it all going.Then the full moon happens and we howl it up, act like assholes, get laid, rob banks—do whatever we do to get our rocks off. The moon wanes, and it’s time to wind down, make bail, pump our stomachs, finish projects, and rest. Finally, we take a moment of silence with the new moon. Repeat.

The catch: We each have our own personal full and new moons, based on our individual charts. My sun is at 22-degrees Sagittarius, and so my personal full moon occurs each month when the moon is at 22-degrees Gemini. While I pay attention to the influence the moon exerts upon us all from the sky, I also watch what she’s doing to me, personally.

The example: On June 11, 2006, the moon sodomized me, with very little lubrication. As it worked out this year, our full moon coincided with my personal new moon. So while the big moon up there was telling me to GO-GO-GO, my inner moon was saying NO- NO-NO. Now I can never get back the invitation to that killer party, the fully-equipped recording studio all to myself, or the opportunity for a three-day fuck-fest with a brand new love interest. Instead, I slept, yawned, looked bored, pouted, and watched the worst Jennifer Aniston movie ever—all by myself.

The moral: Take heed the full moon near your half-birthday. Half-birthdays and full moons do not play well with one another, and they don’t take “maybe” for an answer. — Camille Anderson

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