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Cover and end-page illustrations by Camille Rose Garcia

Letter From the Editor

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About Neighbor Lady Community Arts Project

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Pipsqueak-a-Yo-Yo by Elka Karl

Find Out What lt Means to Me: Aretha Franklin’s Answer Song by Jennie Gruber

Then It Hit Me: A Wonderful and Exciting Mix Tape by Francis Reade

Pop Will Save Us by Adrienne So

Tom Waits Ruined My Life by Stefanie Kalem

Virgin Ears: Karen Dalton, ln My Own Time by Jeff T. Johnson

The Sad End of Something Really Not All That Great to Begin With by John J. Stazinski

Then lt Hit Me: The Grateful Dead by Quinn Scheibal

Music Scene: The Final Countdown by Jonathan Loucks


The Keeper of the Sacred Flame: How I Learned to Love the MPAA by Daniel Heath

My Own Private Asian-American Film: The Secret Subversiveness of Gleaming the Cube by Neelanjana Banerjee

Bottom Shelf: Supergirl by Sam Hurwitt

Gotta Get Back in Time: The Peculiar Draw of VH1 Classic by Stephanie R. Myers

Soviet Twilight: Who Watches the Night Watch? by Jeremy Russell

lnstant Replay: Tommy by Stefanie Kalem

Celluloid Jukebox: Vampires That Suck Too Much by Sam Hurwitt


Culture Mulcher: Solipsism and the Single Reader by Michael Larkin

Googling Michael Larkin by Michael Larkin

Holy Hoax, Axeman by David Jasper

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Floor: How I Became a Poet in Public by Kaya Oakes

Scraps, Part One: Life in San Francisco’s Adobe Bookstore by Gravity Goldberg

How to Kick a Crank Habit fiction by Nathan Altman

I Find Myself European, Still a poem by Rodney Koeneke

Pagodas in Bagan a poem by Rodney Koeneke


How to Be an Artist Board Game by Molly Crabapple & John Leavit


The Truth About Some Polaroids: A Not Completely Reliable Chat With Mike Brody by Katie Byron

Seeing Things: Graffiti Berlin by Tara Goe

Art School Confrontational: Jon Rubin and the lndependent School of Art by Stephanie Young

Seeing Things: Arts Vs. Crafts by Hannah Reiff

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Revisiting the Photography of Bill Owens by Matt Auerbach 

Give Me a “C”: Putting the Craft Back in Art by Lisa Solomon

Portfolio: Stephanie Syjuco: Counterfeit Artist by Tara Goe


This ls Not a Travel Essay by Jessica Hoffmann

Hunter Ethics, Hunter Politics by Elka Karl

Lousy Date Movies in a Brave New World by Lucretia Blevins

Metaphorically Speaking: An Afternoon With George Lakoff by Ethan Strauss

Scraps, Part Two: The Things Books Carry by Gravity Goldberg

The lmportance of Bob Dole’s Erection by Geoff Trenchard


ln Defense of Sentimentality by Jen Burke Anderson

Post Office Days, Bierhall Nights and Hotel Rooms by Jeff T. Johnson

The Executioner’s Special by Andrea Fischer

Them Apples by Deborah Crooks

Foods We Miss: Grandma’s Kringla by Jennie Gruber

Ambulatory Poesy: Altered States by Danielle Henderson

Psych Out by Sophie Beck

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