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Wordish (wûrdish) adj.

ijack vt. to steal an iPod, as in a holdup, after identifying the device by its factory-issued white earbuds
I bought these black earbuds to avoid being ijacked.

mediocore n. or adj. used to describe a not-disagreeable but unremarkable band making music in a common, nondescript genre
The band was mediocore, but the drummer had nice hair.

rock-show tilt n. indicates which member of a band one is facing, paying the most attention to, and/or shooting with love darts
I see by your rock-show tilt that you are a fan of the bassist.

standom n. a somewhat randomly chosen position in a crowd at a show, away from people one knows, assumed in order to overhear, witness or sample crowd response, or to avoid interaction with others who may not appreciate the music
I’ve taken my standom for the opening band about as far away from the jabbering people I came with as possible.

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