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Kaya wants to thank everyone who’s worked on and read KS over the years, the Oakes family for literary DNA and support, the Telegraph Stories readers and musicians, and Sage for high levels of tolerance. Special thanks to Jeff T. Johnson and Jen Loy for deciding she was freaky enough to write for them back in 1997.

Jeff thanks everyone who’s sweated for and cared about KS. Thanks to Antonia for naming Louder Than Words, Jonathan Loucks for coming up with the tagline and helping me create LTW, Mosi for telling me not to shy away from writing about indie rock, Laurenn for convincing us to make a precious object and showing us what that meant, Kaya for working double-time and consistently writing like a genius, Nicole for re-envisioning the mag, Carla for taking us to some next-level shit, Stefanie for putting the SK in KS, Tara for being a better writer, artist and editor than she thinks she is, Jen for far too many things to mention.

Nicole thanks all of the incredible illustrators that have made this magazine so pretty over the years, Antonia for convincing her to think too much in the first place, and Laurenn for setting up such a epic vision; Jeff, Kaya, Stefanie and Carla for letting her experiment with it, Colin, Emma, Serina, Vicki, Marina and Michael for help over the years with the layout and the website, and Chris, Andrew and Camille for painting such beautiful covers. Jen for being crazy enough to open a cafe with her, and everything else that has come with it, Charlie for snuggle-time and easter egg hunts, her Mom for helping her “take the next step,” and most of all, Sander for still loving and supporting his sometimes crazy, workaholic, soon-to-be wife.

Carla thanks: Jen for the partnership that extended beyond these pages; Stefanie for more than can (or should) be listed in public; Jeff for being my first real editor; Kaya for understanding, inspiration and cupcakes; Elka for helping make this home; Iota Ro Nu for the humiliation; Rob for the records and for changing everything.

Stefanie thanks all of her SFG writers ever, Jeff for thinking she was hot shit straight out the gate, Kaya for publishing poems about rock stars, Jen for teaching her the importance of time off, Nicole for being amazing, Bean for dancing in uncomfortable shoes, the Loyds for dry sweats, Serina for living on both sides of her rabbit hole, GT for the hustle, Peter for basted eggs, and Carla for being both Little Dot and the Gentleness—see you in court, kid.

Elka thanks all of the writers and editors for their hard work, Elly for levity in the face of gravity, Megan for the porch sessions, Ozan for the ears, and Ozzie for the dog love. Most of all she thanks Peter for blowing her mind and heart on a daily basis.

Tara would like to thank the whole KS crew for rulin’ and making her try harder. Special thanks to: JJ for bad ideas and life support, Hannah for long distance hugs, Aaron for lending her his car, Elka for trips to Vallejo, Lisa for friendship and inspiring work ethic, Jen for giving her a chance, Laura for plane tickets, Cecilia for sushi and giggles, Emily for comics and future walks, Amy for non sequiturs and trips to the SPCA, Stumptown Coffee and Bakesale Betty for ginger cookies, Mom for cupcakes and $$$, and Bro for giving her beloved Shortlee back. XO. Keep on truckin’ in 2007 brodawgs!!!

Sam thanks Kaya and Jeff for letting him play with their baby; Jen, Carla, Stefanie, Elka, Nicole, Tara, Serina, Rachel, Monique, those who came before, and our lovely and amazing stable of writers for making a magazine kick-ass enough to make me want to be part of it; Erin for the whole marrying-me thing; and all the people who think too much.

KS thanks: Intersection for the Arts; Kevin and Ego Park, Adam and all at Lobot, Oaklandish, 21 Grand, Lance Freshness and the Stork Club, Barry and all at Abco, The Lab, Marcella and all at the Edinburgh Castle, the Missouri Lounge, the staff of Mama Buzz, Liminal Arts (RIP), J and the Makeout Room, Adobe Books, and all the other venues that have hosted us; Jupiter for hosting our early meetings; Andrew Sean Greer for judging our talent and fiction contests; Stephen Buel, Kelly Vance, Hiya Swanhuyser, Lisa Hix, and everyone else who has written about us; our anonymous annual donor, Alameda County Arts Commission and the City of Oakland; Juba and the Homohop Festival, Ecstatic Monkey, and Rock Paper Scissors; Erase Errata, Young People, Deerhoof, the Quails, Battleship, Joanna Newsom, 20 Minute Loop, the Conspiracy of Beards, Pillows, Uni and Her Ukelele, Da Hawnay Troof, the Loyd Family Players, From Monument to Masses, Sean Hayes, Ara Anderson, Rogue Wave, Golden Gram, Paul Panamarenko, Liam Carey and Mandrake, the Gris Gris, Deep Dickollective, 16 Bitch Pileup, DJ Kitty, Mon Amie, Bean, Aaron Downey, the Moore Brothers, Sweetbriar, Electro Group, Michael Zapruder, Kid606, Triangle, Faun Fables, and all the other artists that have performed at our benefits; all the artists who have donated work to our art auctions; Frank Portman, Beth Lisick, Geoff Trenchard, and everyone who’s read at Telegraph Stories; all KS editors, designers, staff writers, and other contributors, past and present; Jen Loy for fighting for the magazine while carrying it on her back; Antonia Blue for holding down the fort through the rough years; Laurenn McCubbin for making our young face so pretty; Mosi Reeves for helping out at large; Disticor for carrying us out; Pam Boyle for doing the math; Pegasus Books and all the other indies that carried us when it mattered; Hyphen, Watchword, and Make/Shift magazines for carrying the torch.

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