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kitchen sink 7

the hook-up issue

Editor’s Note

Contributor’s Page/Letters to the Editor

About Neighbor Lady Community Arts Project


Massive Romantics: A Yo-Yo Hypop Thesis by Jeff Johnson

Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowpunks by Elka Karl

Trouble Is a Lonesome Town, Or Why I Went Back to the (Old, Weird) Country by Tara Goe

Silence Before Song: On an Early Poem by Jolie Holland by Chris Stroffolino

Virgin Ears: Turning up Jolie Holland by Jen Loy

Virgin Ears: The First Time I Heard Quasi’s Featuring Birds by Antonia Blue

The Voice of Jones: A Fanatical Kitten’s Essay of the Old Possum by Monique Montibon

Then It Hit Me: My Mom Is a Sad Bastard Too by Carla Costa

Bleed Lovely: Good Misogyny in Hip Hop by Rachel Swan

Play Aggression: Then lt Stroked Me by Jonathan Loucks


Loving Crap: On the Necessity of Bad TV by Kaya Oakes 

Cos and Effects: Bill Cosby, Between the Spy and the Dad by Juba Kalamka

Reading Film: Ginger Snaps: Unleashed by Jen Loy

Jesus Christ: Entertainer of the Year by Gustavus Kundahl

Celluloid Jukebox: You Don’t Always Want What You Get by Monique Montibon

Dying to Eat You: Zombies in America by Jeremy Russell

(swp) Murder Me… a comic by Michael Kupperman


Speaking High Hillbilly With Chuck Kinder: Mountaineer From Another Planet by Michael Larkin

Shelf Life: Portnoy’s Complaint, by Philip Roth by Neal Pollack

Writing Alone: Andrew Sean Greer Connects With the World by Hannah Cox

Why Wolves Are Like Playing Cards a poem by Jeff Harrison

Naumachia a poem by Stephen Smith

The Future of Death a short story by Eric E. Bosse

Honeymooning a short story by Michalle Gould

(swp) The Quiet Enemy a comic by Joshua Hagler


The New Winning: Beautiful Losers at the Yerba Buena by Sean Boyd

The Emperor’s New Genes by Dan Engber

Making (Hamburger) Eyes: Kitchen Sink Plays With Others a pictorial by Ray Potes

The Swedish Things That Deco Brings by Amber Brava

Suburban Subversion SFMOMA Takes lt Off by Katherine Feo

(swp) XXX Pep Boys a comic by Michael Kupperman


Once Upon a Time on the Hill: What Self-Management Meant to One Housing Project by Peter Byrne

Staking a Claim in the Public Domain by Josh Wilson

The Right Can Be Alright by Douglas Healy

Whose Choice?: What lt Means to Be Pro-Choice for the Developing World by Laura Nathan

What’s Love Got To Do With It?: The Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage by Antonia Blue

More Than Enough: The Afterlife of Political Cash by Ben Bush


Remains of the Day (or Night) by Diana Cage

lt’s a Woman’s World: Say Goodbye to Sperm by Sierra Filucci

A Good Old-Fashioned Ass-Caking by Katy Ansite

Foods We Miss: Chili Size by Annika Dukes

I’m Going to Take off My Pants: Blogs Across America by Zack Kushner

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