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kitchen sink 8

Cover Illustration by Manny Silva

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Classical Yo-Yo: In Which Our Reporter Puts on Spiffy Duds by Elka Karl

Then It Hit Me: Bare-Knuckle Boxing With Cat Power by Carla Costa

How I Became a Beard by Evan Rehill

Virgin Ears: The Melvins by Nate Daly

B.I.G. Poetry by Rachel Swan

Long Distance Runaround: One Fan’s Call for a Prog-Rock Redux by Carla Costa

Virgin Ears: Jane’s Addiction by Spence D.

Money by Lee Skirboll

Virgin Ears: The First Time I Heard Natural Dreamers’ Natural Dreamers by Antonia Blue

Play Aggression: What the Fuck is Christian Indie Rock? by Jonathan Loucks

Virgin Ears: Queen’s A Night at the Opera by Kirthana Ramisetta


Are You Ready for Correction? by Monique Montibon

American Samurai: The Fate of Bushido in Hollywood by Jeremy Russell

I Was So Much Older Then: Freaks, Geeks, Losers and Smart Girls by Kaya Oakes

Celluloid Jukebox: Blessed Are the Geeks by Monique Montibon

(swp) Icecreamlandia: a collection of comics by Eve Englezos and Joshua E. Murray

The Characters of Metallica: Full Metal Racket by Henry Crush

MTV Killed Johnny Cash by Gustavus Kundahl

Um, Tina Fey, I Don’t Mean to be Mean…: Or, Satirizing Girls on Film by Jessica Hoffman


Notes on the End: For the Curious Reader by Jeff Johnson

Novel Reject: Why Getting a Grant and Gaining a Double Chin Don’t Guarantee a Publisher by Randa Jarrar

Romance Is Dead: Sex, Vikings, and Sex With Vikings by Katy Ansite

Get This off My Chest by Elka Karl

Poetry, Inc. by Jonathan Loucks

Momentum a short story by Julia Glassman

Driving Lessons a short story by Jeremy Spring

Territory a poem by Christine Hamm

(swp) My Wife’s Ass a comic by Robert Goodin


Paintings: Alena Rudolph

Critical Fictions by Katherine Feo

Text Haters: Among the Art Students by Paper Tiger

The Pleasure Platform: When Looking Good Is Enough by Dan Engber

When Robots Need Rogaine: Twenty-Five Years of Survival Research Laboratories by John-Christian Rauschenberg

Sew Your Own by Elly Karl


Through a Glass, Brightly: Ira Glass, Regular Guy by Christopher Sebela

Following the Zapatistas: NAFTA and the Resistance Turn Ten by Paige R. Penland

Tourist of the Revolution by Annette Rodriguez

Freebox Fashion Show: Politics on the Catwalk by Molly Thomas

Get the Religious Right off My Jock: Why State Elections Matter When It Comes to Abortion Rights by Carla Costa

Democracy, American Style by Mosi Reeves

It’s Never as Good as the First Time: Kitchen Sink Votes by KS editors


Can I Touch Him There?: Getting the Legal Dope on Being a Dominatrix by Ms. Marnie

Butterflied for Her Pleasure: New Performance Enhancers Found on Filipino Seamen by Jen Loy

Dining on Soul-Force by Amrah Johnson

Foods We Miss: How One Blessed Fruit Bar Got Me Through Summer by Elka Karl

Trying to Surmise God by David Jasper

Signs: Gemini Lie by Katy Ansite

Dreaming in Africa: Malaria, Fufu and Blueberry Pie by Lila Kitaeff

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