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kitchen sink 6

the latency issue

Cover Illustration by Mark Haven Britt

Editor’s Note

Contributor’s Page/Letters to the Editor 


The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of First Favorite Bands by Jonathan Loucks

Virgin Ears: The Smiths, The Queen ls Dead by Matt Kajiwara

The Old Man and the Scene The Fall-To Death by Jeff Johnson

For the Love of EPs by Stephen Smith

Then lt Hit Me: Eat the Beatles by Michael Shaw

Yo-Yo Bloody Yo-Yo: Kevin Shields, a Ghost Story by Mon Amie

Virgin Ears: First Favorite Album by Joshua Clover

Pomo Afro Homo: Deep Dickollective by Rachel Swan

Talking to God: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and the Fascination of What’s Difficult by Kaya Oakes


The Secret Life of Floating Weeds by Gustavus Kundahl

Once More With Feeling by Stephanie Kalem

The Mumbo Rejumboed: Or, Sci-Phi and the Theory Clowns by Bruce Melendy

Something to Be: The Image of Political Progressives in the Movies by Jen Burke Anderson

Entertainment as It Happens: ls lt Live, or ls lt Hollywood? by Monique Montibon

Don’t Call Them Special: A Look at My Flesh and Blood by Maureen Dixon

(swp) Sugar Superman a comic by Janet Harvey and Charity Harrison


On Different Pages: Why Fiction Writers and Poets Don’t Get Along by Elka Karl 

Choosing or Not Choosing the Non-Writing Life by Colette DeDonato

A Voice to Say the Things I Wanted to Say: An lnterview With Ann Cummins by Owen Otto

I Is for Incest a short story by Susannah Breslin

Winking in Code a short story by Charlie Anders 

I Recently Served as a Ladies’ Man a poem by Stephanie L. Mazow

Yellow Soap Signature a poem by Alison Eastley

(swp) Cottonmouth a comic by Dan Zettwoch


Spread Your Wayangs by Katy Ansite

Down on the Ant Farm by Christy Harrison

The Outsiders: lnside Outsider Art by Chaim Bertman

Hitting Home: The Work of Travis Somerville and Jessamyn Lovell by Alison Bing

Photographs: Will Rogan


‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple by Charlie Anders

Reserve Radio: Getting Radical in the Great Frozen North by Elka Karl

Thinking Class, Classing Thought by Jessica Hoffman

World Peace Is Our Mission by Jay Moynihan

Teachers in Struggle: A Voyeur’s-Eye View by Lila Kitaeff

(swp) Dietrologia a comic by Peter S. Conrad


Peepshow Powerplay: Or, Nice Shirt… Are You a Player? by Sarah Lidgus

Gay Sorts by Sierra Filucci

The Lollipop Diet: A Brief History of Weight Loss by Lisa Drostova

Give Me Carbs or Give Me Death by Antonia Blue

Spice Girl by Jane Tunks

It’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out by Zack Kushner

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