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Cover illustration by Chris Duncan

Letter From the Editor

Contrlbutors’ Pages/Letters to the Editor 

About Neighbor Lady Community Arts Project 

Last Thoughts


Paging Mr. Mirman: What the Fuck ls lndie-Rock Comedy? by Jeff T. Johnson

Then It Hit Me: The Genie by Neelanjana Banerjee

That Crazy Bitch ls So Hot: Women, Media and lndie Rock by Carla Costa

Condemned to Drift or Else Be Kept From Driftin’: Another Side of Another Side of Bob Dylan by Chris Stroffolino

They Let You Dream: Dolly Parton’s Specific Agenda by Derek Monypeny

Then It Hit Me: Orange Juice, The Glasgow School by Jonathan Loucks


Bad Ending: Why lndependent Films Get Their Endings Wrong by Kaya Oakes

Cellulold Jukebox: A Max for All Seasons by Thor Klippert

King of Kongs: Going Ape in the Spirit of ’76 by Jeremy Russell

Bottom Shelf: Piñata Survival lsland by Sam Hurwitt

Lingering Illeana: On Looking Like That Girl From That Movie by Stefanie Kalem

lnstant Replay: Breaking Away by Sage Baggott

My Own Private Brokeback: Somehow lt’s a Lot Prettier on the Big Screen by Nickie Santoro

Celluloid Jukebox: Swindlers in the Temple by Mark French


Lucas’ Beauties fiction by Susan Lewis

Culture Mulcher: The Author Isn’t Dead, He’s a Star by Michael Larkin

Herman Melville, Metafictional Laff Riot by Lee Skirboll

Better Than Books: Or, How I Learned to Stop Fronting and Love the Magazine by Jessica Hoffmann


Mars Needs Kittens comic by Mark Smith and Dave Crosland


Shopdropping With Packard Jennings: Political Art lnterventions Can Be Fun(ny) by Tara Goe

The Yo-Yo Reporter Goes Fashion Hunting: The Good, the Bad and the Remade by Elka Karl 

Mini Recipe: Short Skirts by Breezy Culbertson

Art Throb: lch Liebe Dich Chris Johanson by Kevin Slagle

Portfolio: Andrea Ali by Jen Loy


Transitive TV: The L Word Brings on Max by Molly Thomas

Sex Fact: l’d Like My Sex Green, Please by Elka Karl

Dark Dreams of the Republic: Quasi Wakes up in the Real World by Jeff T. Johnson

A Noose Hung Upside Down: The Tie and the Generation Gap by Janah Charney-Sirott

What lt’s Like to Read Poetry in Prison by Geoff Trenchard

Under the Covers: Comics at Mome by Carla Costa


Hour Three on a Five-Hour Bus Ride by Geoff Trenchard

Ambulatory Posey Traveling Light by Karen Hildebrand

Killing Time: Animal Sacrifice in India by Erin Johansen

Recipe: Lima Bean Hummus by Kaya Oakes

Sex Fact: Strippers for Christ by Jen Loy

Dating for Monkeys and Other Misguided Creatures by Adrienne So

Signs: Collar My World by Camille Anderson

Adventures in Femininity: Confessions of a Female Drag Queen by Anna Mills

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