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kitchen sink 3 – spring 2003

the stalker issue

Cover Illustration by Andrice Arp

Editor’s Note

Contributor’s Page/Letters to the Editor

About Neighbor Lady Community Arts Project

louder than words

The Stalker in Me a guest editorial by Paul Miller

To the End by Jeff Johnson

Making Guitars by Stephen Smith

Two Stuffed Cats… AH AH AH!: Count Yo-Yo and the Creatures of the Night by Cy De Groat

The Visible Rocker, or Can l Get a Compress?: Mike Gabriel’s Tough Passage in the Sermon by Mike Gabriel

Whatever Happened to the MC? by Rachel Swan

Without Irony: How to Listen to Country Music by Kaya Oakes

I, Stalker a comic by Peter Conrad

stories with pictures  

The 10th Floor a comic by Fredo

reverse angle

Deeper Into Middle Earth: Lord of the Rings and the Race Question by Arne Johnson

Growing Up Anime: FLCL by Warren Ellis

Welcome to Fantasy lsland by Monique Montibon

Polly Want a Stalker? by Stefanie Kalem

I Had a Crush on PJ Harvey a comic by Jesse Reklaw

In Perspective: Women of Color Film Festival, Pacific Film Archive Theater by Rachel Swan

Host Provocateur: Chuck Barris Stings by David Fear

paper city

Chasing the Comma by Jeff Johnson

That’s Life a comic by Robert Goodin 

About Poison by Jenny Bitner

The New Lyric Verse: Poetry Aprés Language by James Meetze

January 20, 2003 a poem by Juliana Spahr 

Daddy Wins fiction by Buzz Poole

The Female Riddle Mixed With the Herculean Task fiction by Erin Jourdan

Loving a poem by Maw Shein Win

Danger, Imagist at Work a poem by Stephen Oliver

The More You lgnore Me… a comic by Geoff Vasile


In the Details Five Artists With a Singular Sense of Purpose by Alison Bing

There Are Girls in These Trees: Imagining Things With Clare Rojas by Wesley Hall

Tales From an Art World Refugee by Margaret Juhae Lee

Living in the Land of Yes: A Tour of Trillium Press by Christine Sienkiewicz

Photographs: Anya Liftig 

Just Two of My Numerous Stalkers a comic by Donna Barr


Moving Forward, Moving Back: Not Your Father’s Organic Farming Movement by Twilight Greenway

Don’t Fence Me In: How We Made a Neighborhood by Jess Beebe

Legally Married Lesbians: I Now Pronounce You Wusband and Wife by Julia Serano

The Feel-Good WorkPlace: False Democracy in Corporate America by Frank Marquardt 

Slingin’ Power in the Illest by Candacy Taylor

Chick Rock: Foxy and Roxy Hit the Road by Victoria Clayton


Hopelessly Devoted: ln Defense of Unrequited Love by Penelope Jones

Cannibalism: To Serve Man by Colette DeDonato

In Search of the Tamale Lady by Michelle Von Wald

Staying Out: The Perfect Shake by Abbi Kaplan

Going In: Chorizo: The Orange Meat by Kaya Oakes

Good God, Let’s Eat by Robin Chotzinoff

Bus Therapy by Jacob Schneider

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