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kitchen sink 4 – summer 2003

the blue issue

Editor’s Note

Contributor’s Page/Letters to the Editor

About Neighborhood Lady Community Arts Project

louder than words

That’s Why I’m Not Sad: Slumber Party’s Aliccia Berg Talks by Monique Montibon 

Don’t Put Her Down: Hazel Dickens, Bluegrass Hero by Molly Thomas

Listening Party: Getting Under Caesura’s lnfluence by Antonia Blue

You Say You Want an Evolution? Catching Up With Deerhoof by Paul Miller

stories with pictures

DB Sings the Blues a comic by Neil Kleid

Listening With Lester: On Van Morrison, Astral Weeks by Kirthana Ramisetti 

Slanted and Disenchanted by Stefanie Kalem

Feeling Blue a comic by Anthony Vukojevich

reverse angle  

Where Do We Go From Here?: Buffy and Her Legions Leave Sunnydale by Kate Mercier

Filmmaker Sam Green Goes Underground by Maureen Dixon

Hollywood Vs. Brazil by Rachel Swan

Choice Cinema: The Day I Will Never Forget; Our Times by Monique Montibon

Long Live the Rebel Spirit: American Cinema and the New World Order by Arne Johnson

paper city

Going Down: Underwater Imagery and the Struggle for Identity by Kate Salvo

Popular Melancholy: Chris Ware, Jimmy Corrigan and You by Jeff Johnson

Waiting on the Baby Wood: Why Poetry Readings Suck by Kaya Oakes

The Corners a short story by Jane Hammons

Time Begins Sometime a short story by D. Foy O’Brien

A Bruise in the Shape of Paris a poem by Katie Redding

Out of Sight a poem by Jonathan Loucks

(swp) Lil Tina Buckalew a comic by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Steven Sanders


The Bigger Picture: Painting and Politics by Alison Bing

Eric Drooker Takes It to the Streets: Art as Public Protest by Don Waters

It’s All Your Fault: Life in the Time of Sméagol by Mark Van Proyen

This Is So High School: The Photography and Films of Jona Frank by Christine Sienkiewicz

On Both Sides of Landscape by Mitchell Schwarzer

Photographs: Karen Gellart


I’d Rather Be Murdering Cops by Joshua Clover

Still Protesting: The War Is Not Over by Stephanie Groll

The Once and Future Empire: 227 Years of American Imperialism by Doug Healy

Next on Your FM Dial: Pirate Radio Fights for Life by Rachel Swan

The Price of Parenthood by Sierra Filucci

The Nature of Insurance: On the Possibility of Meaningful Work by Frank Marquardt

Where Have All the Girls Gone?: India’s Abortion Dilemma by Anuradha Sengupta

(swp) The Lovely Evening Urbanus Met Mr. Thadeus Cornloaf a comic by Robert Goodin


God Bless the Chubby Chasers by Katy St. Clair

Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Sex, I Learned From Jackie by Stefanie Kalem

Ramen Pride: The Noodle That Saved the World by Lisa Drostova

Going In: White Salt, the Flava Cube by Sierra Flick

Staying Out: Crystallized Summer, Shaved Ice by Sierra Filucci

C’mon Pilgrim!: Mixing It Up in Houses of Worship by Jen Loy

BARTology: This Is What the Train Sounds Like by Kevin Slagle

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