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kitchen sink 2 – winter 2003

the regret issue

Cover Illustration by Michael James Chessey, dedicated to his son Michael Xavier Chessey

Editor’s Note

Contributor’s Page/Letters to the Editor

louder than words

Familiar Song a guest editorial by Kate Mercier

Divided Song by Joshua Clover

Night Train: A Yo-Yo Soap Rock Opera by Paul Miller

Fem Zep: A Feminist Love Affair by Kate Schatz

Destroyer Mountain Goats: The John/Daniel Question by Jeff Johnson

Chuck Klosterman’s Living on Rock by Melissa Maristuen

You Spin Me: Sympathy for Music Magazines by Paper Tiger

stories with pictures

No Goodbyes by Laurenn Mccubbin

reverse angle

War On Film by Ame Johnson

Elimidate: Asshole Lessons by Virginia Pelley

Magnificent Obsessions: The Return of 1950’s Melodrama by David Fear

Breaking Through: Making It As a Superhero by Monique Montibon

Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman Adapt by David Fear

Watch Now, Talk Later by Natalie Lyon

Elevator a comic by benjones

paper city

The Rhetorical Cash Phrase: There’s a Lot of Irony Going On Here by Rachel Swan

Rejection Letters: An Ode by Kaya Oakes

Traps fiction by Michael Larkin

Times I’ve Been Creepy a comic by Geoff Vasile

Sad Tales of Vampiro: Matzo Ball Soup and Petaluma fiction by Brett Simon

Letter To the Midwest a poem by Anthony Robinson

Maps a poem by Stephanie Bobo


Bay Area Next: Art After the Bust by Alison Bing

Sue Costabile’s Sounds and Visions by Mosi Reeves

Harrell Fletcher: Towards a Tender Society by Antonia Blue

How To Get Along… a comic by Jesse Reklaw

Looking for Mr. Richter by Lily Prillinger

How Insensitive a comic by Peter Conrad

Catching Up With Denis Kitchen by Austin English

Photographs: Maizie Gilbert


Tuned-ln: A Soldier’s Story In Kosovo by Jonathan Evans

Corporate Responsibility by Frank Marquardt

Dear Coca-Cola by Jen Anderson

The Beetle That Devoured the Kenai Peninsula by Paige R. Penland

What’s ln Your FBI File? Find Out What the Feds Have On You by Stephanie Groll


Big “O” a comic by Shannon Wheeler

Diarv of a Would-Be Internet Dater by Melissa Maristuen

Is Staying Together the New Breaking Up? by Molly Thomas

Dirty Words by Diana Cage

Food Redux: Loving Leftovers by Marina Chotzinoff

Going ln: Prick Your Meat by Sierra Filucci

Staying 0ut: Street Food El Ojo de Aqua by Sierra Filucci

This Is Just God by Colette Dedonato

Disposable Outcome #2: How I Met Your Mom by Zack Kushner

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