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kitchen sink 8

Cover: American Beauty by Laurenn McCubbin

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Who’s on the Stereo by Jeff Johnson

Virgin Ears: Brian Eno, Here Come the Warm Jets by Jeff Johnson

Better With a Gun: Suicide Kings SIam Poetry by Rachel Swan

Virgin Ears: Bikini Kill Whips the Blankets by Carla Costa

Troubadour! Troubadour!: A Personal Folk Odyssey With Sean Hayes by Elka Karl

Canadian Post-Rock: A New Chicago? by Scott M. Silsbe

Go Your Own Way: Learning to Embrace the Bad, Non-lronically by Kaya Oakes

Then It Hit Me: Randy Newman by Chris Sebela

Play Aggression: Weed Rock by Jonathan Loucks


Walking on Water a comic by Robert Goodin

Sleep Set a comic by Joshua Hagler

Meta a comic by Shannon Wheeler


Hellcabs and Hitmen: Cabsploitation on Film by Jeremy Russell

lnstant Replay: Office Space by Maureen Dixon

Good Pervert, Bad Pervert: Pee Wee Herman and the Death of the Public Persona by Tara Goe

Instant Replay: Tampopo by Wendy Yamagihara

A Modern Guide to Psychiatric Drugs and Cinema by Gustavus Kundahl

Celluloid Jukebox: Polanski and Paranoia by Tammy Fartin

Representing the Truth in Lying Times: Documentaries and the Politics of Non-Fiction Forms by Jessica Hoffman


Useful Fictions: Booze, Gas Huffing, Emerson and Khakheperresneb by Jon Marc Smith

The Amorphous Writing Community: A Primer by Robert Detman

Heckling the Satirist: A Local Celebrity Mocks a National Celebrity at the Urging of a Nobody by Dave Jasper

Gorgeous Pajamas: The Inspired Life of a Punk Pixie by Michelle Detorie

Late Bloomers: Teen Books for the Post Teens by Elka Karl

Fiction Contest Winners

Smart Water by Jill Koenigsdorf

Marching on by Chantal Krcmar


Rubberneckfacing by Paul Roma

Seeing Things: Sean McFarland by Katy Ansite

O, Type by CG Sienkiewicz

Cured: Mimi Barr by Brion Nuda Rosch

Art Before Galleries: The Yo-Yo Reporter Hunts for the Painted Cave by Sean Boyd

Portfolio: Chris Duncan by Katy Ansite


Midriffs, Thongs and Butt-Crack Peekaboo: The Gaze of a Feminist Lecher by Michael Larkin

The State of Today’s Papers: Slate’s Eric Umansky Evaluates the Major Dailies by Carla Costa

When the Blues Go Away: lndie-Rock Revolution in Oakland? by Sapna Chhabra

A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure: lntersexuality’s Shifting ldentity by Laura Deutch

The BTK and the Suspicious Six: How an Online News Forum Hosted a Stakeout by Chris Sebela

The Economics of Exporting Peace: Costa Rica’s Big Risk by Paige R. Penland


Aging Hipster Chick Seeks Self-Edification by Kaya Oakes

Sex Fact: Arnie Says: Don’t Fuck Dead People by Jen Loy 

A Chef ls Born by Justin Berton

Recipe: Cream Cheese Chile Cornbread by Sean Corkery

Foods We Miss: Liverwurst by Lisa Drostava

Dying on a Budget: ls Mortality Easier to Swallow in Large Doses? by Lee Skirboll

Signs: I Know Where There ls lt a Cat by Antero Alli

To the Gods of the End of the World by Antero Alli

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