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kitchen sink 12

Cover illustration by Brian Wood

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Trigger Cut: Listening to Track Two by Scott M. Silsbe

Then It Hit Me: Giant Haystacks by Jeff Johnson

It’s Not Even Their Best Album — Kill Your ldols: Rock Writers Talk About Why They Don’t Like Their Favorite Bands by Jeff Johnson

Ask the Singer: Looking for Advice From Music by Garin Pirnia

Virgin Ears: Galaxie 500, On Fire by Kaya Oakes

Still Going: The Last Waltz Or, “Robbie Robertson Is Such an Ass-Clown” by Stefanie Kalem

I Don’t Wanna Dance No More by Elka Karl

Then It Hit Me: Learn to Shave With Smog by Carla Costa


Dave Chappelle in Slow Motion: Season Two in the Half-Light of Recent Events by Jeff Johnson

Seasonal Cinema: DVD TV by Michael Trigilio

lnstant Replay: Lifeforce by Sam Hurwitt

Visitors, lnvaders and Voyeurs: Spielberg’s Encounters by Jeremy Russell

Everybody Cut, Everybody Cut: Transgressive Leaps on the Big Screen by Jessica Hoffmann

Celluloid Jukebox: Churning Japanese by Sam Hurwitt


Culture Mulcher in the Wasteland by Michael Larkin

Writersblock Colony by Jessica Hoffmann

Zombies fiction by Tao Lin

Date fiction by Robin Romm 

Explicate This: You Know What I Mean? “Date” Conversations by Camas Davis


Wish-Wash by Hector Casanova

Brain Vs. Heart by Hector Casanova 

Wish-Wash by Hector Casanova

Heart Vs. Brain by Hector Casanova


Seventh-Grade Romance: Photos by Scott Ellison text by Sierra Filucci and Scott Ellison

Seeing Things: Libby Black: Just Like an Object by Tara Goe

Finding the Creature in the Sock: John Murphey’s Sock Sculptures by Buzz Poole

One Man’s Trash ls Another Man’s Sculpture: Eric Groff Finds Oakland in Your Discarded Shoes by Jen Loy

Portfolio: Stephanie Gene Morgan by Jen Loy


Politics of Ass: Navigating the Big White Butt by Kaya Oakes

Pet Wound by Annette Rodriguez

Teen Beat: A Young Writer Considers the Curfew by Bianca Butler

Bushwomen: Laura Flanders and the Women of the Bush Administration by Carla Costa

How Gangsta Rap Found Me by Rachel Swan


The Naked Truth: Thrice Naked, Once Shy by Caitlin Corrigan

Now You Know: TransGrammar Express by Melinda Adams

Tomato Sauce Lovers by Jamie F. Kembrey

Recipe: Tomato Sauce by Jamie F. Kembrey

The Link Between Reptiles and Birds by Deborah Crooks

Ambulatory Poesy: Night Creatures by Danielle Henderson 

The Real Beef Jerky: Shopping for Small-Town Authenticity by Tara Goe

Signs: Plugs and Sockets by Stefanie Kalem

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