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kitchen sink 11

Cover illustration by Chuck Sperry

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The lnfallible Mark E. Smith: Heads will Roll, or lf You Assume by Jeff Johnson

Then It Hit Me: Time Travel ls Lonely, John Vanderslice by Jeff Johnson

Pawn Your Shoes: How Not to Dress Like a Rock Star by Kaya Oakes

Shedding the Robe: Rock the Costume by Lee Skirboll

Cobbling a New Sincerity: Two Gallants and the Premature Death of lrony by Frances Reade

Virgin Ears: Art of Flying by Stefanie Kalem

Reunion International and the Dream of the Cocteaus: Yesterday Now at All Today’s Parties by Saphna Chhahra

Then lt Hlt Me: Turn Around Bright Eyes by Laurenn McCubbin

Virgin Ears: Ned by Jen Loy

Play Aggression: Frankenrock by Jonathan Loucks


A Function of Age: Getting on With Clint by Monique Montibon

lnstant Replay: The Terror by Tammy Fortin

Embracing Neverland: Getting Real With Peter Pan by Jeremy Russell

lnstant Replay: Casino by Monique Montibon

Watching Alone by Jessica Hoffmann

They Ain’t Gonna PIay Sin City by Sam Hurwitt


No Slave for You: Why Britney Will Never a Lolita Be by Elizabeth Kennedy

Why We Read: On the Importance of Literature (An Open Letter) by Steve Tollefson

Plotting Our Salvation: Looking for Contemporary Fiction’s Story by Andrew Francis

Explicate This: The Case of the Missing Plot by Jennifer Leland

Most Days a short story by Stephanie Austin

Your Ass Here: Poets and Rock Stars Make Beautiful Denim Love by Elka Karl


Armchairs and Arm Hairs: Jared Rusten by Katy Ansite

Hidden in Plain Sight: Indigo Som Sets off for Take-Out by Becca MacLaren

Seeing Things: The Waribashi Project: San Francisco by Katy Ansite

Give It up for Albert Reyes by Erin Jourdan

Seeing Things: Between Meals: Aya Brackett by Katy Ansite

Portfolio: David Shrigley by Katie Feo


The Miseducation of Macon Detornay: The Coming of Age of the Hip-Hop Novel by Rachel Swan

Scapegoating the Enemy: Why Nazis, Zombies and Eyeliner Do Not a Murderer Make by Elka Karl

I Sold My Soul to Rock ‘n’ Roll: Coming Around to Metal by Chris West

The Life and Death of Andrea Dworkin: Feminism in Theory and Practice by Carla Costa

Growing up lce Cube: Hip-Hop Revolutionary Samples the System by Rachel Swan

Under the Cover: Making Minimum at America’s Top Public University by Kaya Oakes


Pot of Gold by Justin Hall


Movlng in Place: The Archeology of Baggage and the Geography of the Self by Jeff Johnson

Ambulatory Poesy Foam by Mandy Minor

The Convert Connoisseur: Daniel Handler’s lnstructive Flavors, Lemony and Otherwise by Spencer Abbott

Recipe: Election-Night Chicken by Dan Wooldridge

Foods We Miss: Meat Pie by Kristina Knight

Dot by Esperanza White

Sex Fact: Whip It AII Good by Jen Loy

Habemus Hell No: The Vatican Blows lt by Kaya Oakes

Signs: Keeping the Knife Clean by Stefanie Kalem

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