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kitchen sink 10

Cover illustration by Joshua Hagler

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Organs on My Mind by Lee Skirboll

Then It Hit Me: M83 by Scott M. Silsbe

Somebody Open a Window, It’s Too Funky in Here by Lila Kitaeff

Virgin Ears: Manu Chao, Próxima Estación: Esperanza by Sage Baggott

Trouble on the Line by Jeff Johnson

Then It Hit Me: Graceland by Adam Martin

I’m Goth Too by Nicole Neditch

Virgin Ears: Flametal by Jen Loy

PIay Aggression: Sleepers by Jonathan Loucks

Then lt Hit Me: the Hold Steady, The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me by Jeff Johnson


Zippers by Jill Stafford and Jeremy Love

Curse of the Sweet by Nina Beys and Lauren Gardiner


Neil LaBute, I Can’t Take My Eves off of You by Jessica Hoffman

Instant Replay: Withnail and I by Jen Burke Anderson

When the Sword Disappears: The Way of Peace by Monique Montibon

Celluloid Jukebox: Death by Whitey by David Silva-Espinoza

Kill or be Killed: How to Die in Horror and Action Movies by Ben Bush

World in Collision: The Art and Politics of John Sayles by Jeremy Russell

Instant Replay: Head On (Gegen die Wand) by Arno Holschuh


Your Name Here: Branding the Poet by Kaya Oakes

Meeting the Magician: A Visit With Jack Gilbert by Scott M. Silsbe

Explicate This: Blog Verse by Elka Karl

Paris Review Gives Us One More Chance by David Jasper

The Landscape, Justified a short story by Stefanie Kalem


Glide Over and See Me Sometime: The Case for Prefab by Kay Ansite

Pastiche Rides, 25 Cents: The Mixed-up World of Souther Salazar by Ben Bush

Seeing Things: Brett Cody Rogers by Katy Ansite

Medusa a poem by Andrew Demcak

Elm a poem by Andrew Demcak

chronologies of proximity a poem by Dan Thomas-Glass

meltdown a poem by Dan Thomas-Glass

Out of the Country: A Novelist Turns to Her Memoir by Felicia C. Sullivan

Window Dressings: Janae Growden Plays With Dolls by Jen Loy

Picturing Horror: Can Art Help Us Cope? by Antonia Blue

Portfolio: Reanne Estrada by Katy Ansite

Art Throb: Robert Bechtle by Katy Ansite


Visual Audio: Oaklandish Traces the Evolution of Hip-Hop Consciousness by Rachel Swan

Clowncuckooland: She’s Not an Art Car, She’s a Social Experiment by Stefanie Kalem

The Chlckens Are Coming Home to Roost: Reflections on America’s Rural and Urban Identities by Boogie Pocock

Triple Threat!!!: Cory Doctorow Lives in the Future by Erin Jourdan

Our Aftermath by Annette Rodriquez


The Fourth Chamber: An Ode to the Gay Boyfriend by Penelope Jones

Sex Fact: Dream Lover by Jen Loy

The O-Face in the Mirror by Molly Kenefick

The Sound of One Man Eating: Or, Coup de Panisse by Michael Lukas

Food We Miss: Synthetic Cheese by Kaya Oakes

Recipe: Velveeta Hash Browns by Kaya Oakes

Fiftv Questions for God by Litsa Dremousis

Signs: Scorpio’s Eye View by Sarah-Rose Meredith

Hot Climbs: Fourteen Fine Volcano Views for the lntrepid Budget Traveler by Paige R. Penland

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