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kitchen sink 5 – late fall 2003

ks attacks!

Editor’s Note

Contributor’s Page/Letters to the Editor 


The Loaded Question: Do Words Matter in Music? by Jeff Johnson

Talking Back a guest editorial by Rachel Swan

(swp) Greatest Hits written by Laurenn McCubbin and illustrated by Rob G

With Fate as Malleable as Clay: Joanna Newsom’s Old Words and New Songs by Elly Karl

Look at All These Rumors: Live With the Gossip by Matt Kajiwara

Giving up the Fight: Mission Records, San Francisco by Mon Amie

Crossing Over the Wax Barrier by Jordan Bass


Straight lnto Blackness: Kevin Epps’ Hunter’s Point View by Rachel Swan

Hollywood Boycotting Puts the Lid on Free Speech by Maureen Dixon

Decolorizing the ’70s by Monique Montibon

Writing to the Grave: Tattoo Jew: The Movie by David Lippman

Film lt Like Beckham by Kirthana Ramisetti


From Shock and Awe to Aw Shucks: On the Use and Abuse of Amazement by Michael Larkin

A Conversation with John Steppling by Andrea Clark

I Live in the Twentieth Century: Reconsidering Richard Brautigan by Kaya Oakes

Fists of Nothing by Chris Stroffolino

Duboce Park, 1969 a short story by Steve Tollefson

Love a short story by Rose Gowen

Soul Sista a comic by Jeremy Love


Why Do You Hate Me?: Mimes Speak Out by Antonia Blue

Everyone’s a Critic: Write Your Own Damn Art Review by Alison Bing

Uncharted Territories Simon Evans, Accidental Cartographer by Chaim Bertman

Off the Wall: ln the Gallery With Christian Maychack by Patrice Wagner

There Goes the Neighborhood: Justin Artifice on Public Art by Jen Loy

Photographs: Sara Dierck


Licking Babies …And Other Exploits of a Would-Be Governor by Cy de Groat

Forgoing the Forgone Conclusion: Can Bush Be Beat in 2004? by Frank Marquardt

Poll Primer: What You Need to Know About Public Opinion Surveys by April Dembosky

Hounding the Watchdogs: A Five-Group Comparison by Stephanie Groll

Take It From the Top: Tranny Boys, Breasts and Self-Determination by Kate Salvo

The Nuns’ Picnic: Neo-Neo-Colonialism and the Politics of Aboriginal History by Bruce Melendy

(swp) Seeds of Grass a comic by Robert Goodin


Pretending to be Gay by Jane Tunks

Confessions of a Confectionist by Kaya Oakes

Booze Cake a recipe by Kaya Oakes

Mango Madness: When Two Worlds Collide by Sierra Filucci

What Every Girl Should Know About the Apocalypse by Jen Burke Anderson

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