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kitchen sink 1 – fall 2002

Letter from the Editor

Special Thanks

Yo What?

Staff Page

louder than words

So Many Fortresses and Ways to Attack by Jeff Johnson

AII My Favorite Singers Couldn’t Sing by Jonathan Lucks

Home Sweet Venue: Brooklyn, DIY by Paul Miller

Portland, lndie Rock Mecca by Kate Mercier

Poster Girls for a Post-World by Kate Schatz

Yo-Yo: Buzzed With a Pep Rally in My Pants by Melissa Maristuen

Getting Away With Guitar: Cinerama’s David Gedge by Jen Loy

Has Anyone Seen My Show? by Zack Kushner

reverse angle

Where Are Your Politics? by Monique Montibon

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Digital by Arne Johnson

Superman Drinking Game by Natalie Lyon

She Was a Female Monster by Kelly McCubbin

COPS: a love poem by Nate Daly

Asian Action Cinema Keeps on Killing by Spence D

Ozzie vs. Ozzy by Kelly McCubbin

paper city

Out of the Trenches and Into the Classroom by Kaya Oakes

The Laundry Room a poem by Frank Matagrano

Games Are Forbidden in the Labyrinth: Julio Cortazar by Joshua Clover

Secrets a comic by Jesse Reflow

Sad Tales of Vampiro original fiction by Brett Simon

ln the Living Room of Hope lncarnate: Pat LittleDog by Elka Karl

stories with pictures

Space Taxi by Andrice Arp


The Now School: Five Artists From Bay Area Now 3 by Margaret Juhae Lee

Premature Evaluation by Lony HaleyNelson

The World James Kochalka Made by Jeff Johnson

What Are Words For? The Art of Tucker Nichols by Antonia Blue

Photographs: Abner Nolan

Yo-Yo: What? They’re Out of Wine? by Cy de Groat

feature story

Mike Ladd Explores the Science of Non-Fiction by Mosi Reeves


Virtual Morality: Violence and Ethics in Video Games by Wesley Hall

At Home With Oakland Anarchists by Doug Healy

New Gender ldentified: Lesbian Boys by Sierra Filucci

Sleater-Kinney on Dissent, Dialogue and Drums by Jen Loy

Your Money’s No Good Here: Buy Nothing Day by Stephanie Groll

Living With Liberty in the New America by Jordan Bass

Cycle of Death: Guatemala’s Bloody History by Christine Albo

News You Might Have Missed by Rebecca Vesely

Reading Into Teen Magazines Fluffy Features by Virginia Pelley

NASA’s Struggle for Space by Paige Penland


Art-lnspired Sex by AR Van

Boys Will Be Girls by Sierra Filucci

Pretty on the Outside: The Next Bust Thing: Or How I Learned to Love the Gel Bra by Diana Cage

Unami: The Fifth Taste by Marina Chotzinoff

Staying Out: White Pizza, Jazz and Slow-Moving Lines by Kaya Oakes

Going !n: Killer Kale by Sierra Filucci

Born-Again Dad by Molly Thomas

Disposable Outcome: Punk Rock Kickball by Zack Kushner

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