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Kitchen Sink thanks the Alameda County Arts Commission, Barry and everyone at ABCo Artspace for making it work, Lagunitas Brewing Company for its generous do-nation, Miguel Depedro for all his help, 16 Bitch Pile-Up for a stellar set, all of the artists who donated work, the Stork Club for its hospitality, and Greg Ashley, Sweetbriar, Brian Glaze, Dan Strachota, Geoff Trenchard, Neela Banerjee, and Alex Green for donating their voices.

Elka thanks the Sad Billionaire and Femme Feral for being so enchantingly weird; J Hoff for writing the best essay yet; her dad for the awesome homemade wine; Luci for explaining how to make kombucha; Karen for the chicken broth; Carla for the plums; Jen for including her in the Virus show; and Ozzie for the dog love.

Carla thanks Tim for helping so much despite the gimpy arm, Katie for too many things to list, Tara Goe for doing what needs doing without being asked, the staff for making events awesome, Jeff for the Schuyler and O’Hara talk, Kalem for processing, Jen for the homestretch, Clay for Thursdays and other days, and J.D. Daniels for fresh eyes and honesty.

Jen thanks Carla for reprogramming Spider, Fanny for talking shit, Jeff and Kaya for five years, Juba for imitating an intern, Greg Edwards for coffees, the Port, etc., the Art Murmur gang for sticking together, Wade and Katy and all the Fox Force for sharing the bubbly, and Ross for desert mornings, playa PDA, and for knowing how this robot ticks—and congratulations to Nicole and Sander!

Kaya wants to thank Jeff, Stefanie, Carla, Elka, Sam, Jen, Nicole, Serena, Colin, Laurie, and everyone who makes KS tick, plus all of the writerly types in her life who keep her going and inspire her to do better. And everyone who’s ever told her she’s pretty.

Jeff thanks Chris Stroffolino for early returns on the breaks, Kaya for having his editorial back, Lee Skirboll for pouring it on, Tara for rescuing Untitled, Stefanie and Carla for digging in, and Nicole for finishing strong. He also thanks the grammar gods for not smiting him.

Stefanie would like to thank Karen Hildebrand for holding tight to her martini olives for almost a year, Nicole for allowing us to retreat to Bolinas, Jeff and Kaya for thinking ahead, Jen for scaring the neighborhood kids almost straight, Carla for her lack of restraint, Serina for stepping up, Michael Shaw for Slide Ranch, SR for three years of bespectacled hussitude, being supersonic, Bean for rolling with just about anything, Bakesale Betty’s for banana bread, Cole Coffee for chocolate croissants, Jennie for newsletter help, and Jenna for shampoo-money savings.

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