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KS15: Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor As I write this, it’s early October and the Bay Area is experiencing its first rain of the season. Summer officially ended two weeks ago, but the Bay Area’s seasons are like peculiar party guests—hanging out … Continue reading

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Instant Replay: Tommy

Instant Replay: Tommy by Stefanie Kalem illustration by Nancy Bach I don’t recall which came first—my mother shaking her head and walking away from the TV as I took in my second viewing of the Who’s Tommy, or said mother … Continue reading

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Tom Waits Ruined My Life

Tom Waits Ruined My Life by Stefanie Kalem illustration by Jamie Tanner I WAS skulking around Zoli’s yard in broad daylight, hooked gardening tool pressed against my palm, musing on the nickname “The Poplar Hunter.” Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin … Continue reading

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